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The funds I receive through the button below are counted as "gifts" or "donations of good will." I am not a charitable organization so you cannot "donate" to me as such, but you can give a "gift" or "donation of good will" to me as an individual. I am not working for any particular individual or group nor is it counted as commission, wages or remuneration when I receive "gifts" or "donations of good will." I create videos for my YouTube channel that I consider to be contributions to art and music culture. My purpose is to contribute to the sphere of cultural art and music. If you want to give me a "gift" to show your appreciation for my creations, then I will accept it on the grounds that it is a "gift" or "donation of good will" that is not payment for a work or service I was hired to do. I use the gifts to ensure my continued living situation so I can survive outside of homeless suffering and contribute freely to the sphere of art and culture. To differentiate for the purposes of clarification, the payment I receive for tablature sold through my website or Candyrat Record's Website, performances abroad, online guitar lessons, or digital music sales are NOT "donations of good will" or "gifts." If you do not agree with the above, refrain from sending money through the "donate" button. This agreement protects my interests as one who contributes to the sphere of culture and art.