Short-Form Bio

Instrumental guitarist Ewan Dobson originally from Toronto, Ontario currently resides in New Brunswick. Having started his career by winning the 2009 Canadian Fingerstyle Guitar Competition where the prize was to record an album with Candyrat Records. As of early-mid 2023, he has released a total of 18 albums. One of the highlights of his path was being a featured guest on two of Marty Friedman’s (ex-Megadeth) solo records. The video that put him in the Youtube limelight was “Time 2” released through Candyrat records, amassing over 32 million hits to date. The styles he has represented are video game inspired fingerstyle guitar, acoustic metal, and renditions of the legendary Italian violinist Niccolo Paganini on steel string guitar. Dobson has toured Europe, Canada, USA and China multiple times. These days he resides next to the woods creating music as well as feeding a variety of wild birds by hand. Recently, Ewan published a video documenting what may be a record for most species of bird to land on a human hand, 29 species in total.


Guitar (Independent) 2007

The Red Army Love Potion (Independent) 2008

Healthy Obsession (Independent) 2009

Ewan Dobson I (Candyrat Records) 2009

Ewan Dobson II (Candyrat Records) 2010

Ewan Dobson III (Candyrat Records) 2012

World Candies (Independent) 2012

Acoustic Metal (Candyrat Records) 2013

Acoustic Metal II (Independent) 2014

12 String Guitar (Independent) 2014

Acoustic Metal II – Drums Version (Independent) 2015

Insomnimania (Independent) 2016

The Pit of Despair and the Joy of the Trampoline (Independent) 2016

Signor Paganini and Friends (Independent) 2016

More Paganini and Friends (Independent) 2017

Little Angels (Independent) 2019

Tribunal of Penance (Independent) 2021

Circles of Torment (Independent) 2023

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